New Star Realty Services

Real Estate Transaction

When Chris Nam first established New Star Realty & Investment in 1988, the company primarily focused on trading residential property. Upon joining the franchise, Realty World in 1989, New Star quickly expanded its growth and ventured into business property. New Star Realty, Inc. is committed to providing comprehensive, customer service for clients interested in real estate transactions. Our company is comprised of knowledgeable experts in all areas of real estate including: residential property, business, condominiums, commercial property and land. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries!


We at New Star Realty & Inv., take pride in our ability to assist and provide for our clients. Our team of consultants and experts are highly analytical, objective, and dedicated to providing our clients the best professional advice and up-to-date services available. We tailor our strategies and approaches to each client to meet their specific needs. Our real estate team implements sound business practices to help clients reach their next level of productivity. We proactively evaluate options available to our clients in order to identify solutions that maximize value and minimize costs. Consultations are free! Please do not hesitate to visit one of our offices or call us over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you soon!