New Star Scholarship Foundation


On behalf of New Star Realty & Investments, I, Chris Moonkey Nam, greatly appreciate everyone who is involved in developing our Korean-American community. On July 3, 2003, the New Star Scholarship Foundation became a non-profit organization. In order to develop different events and services, the New Star Scholarship has been sponsoring the Korean-American community to establish a better servicing organization. Our foundation is always looking forward to helping and providing necessary services for our community.

The New Star Scholarship Foundation was founded for future generations to grow and become leaders. Our responsibility has been established with the purpose of training the next generation of leaders within the Korean-American community. By sponsoring highly qualified applicants, the New Star Scholarship Foundation emphasizes leadership and motivation to those individuals who work hard to pursue their goals. Over the span of 10 years, approximately 1000 students have received scholarships valued at over $500,000. We look forward to hearing from various applicants. Thank you for your interest and love!

New Star Scholarship Foundation
3030 W. 8th St. #403, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Tel: 213) 632 - 0288, Fax: 213) 632-2530
  • (High school / college / graduate students); Applicants must be permanent California residents
Submission of application:
  • Applications can be viewed at the New Star homepage
  1. GPA (grade point average; grades received from total courses taken)
  2. Community Service - Review the types of community work & services performed by applicants
  3. Leadership - Developing & building leadership involving curricular activities
  4. Essay - Personal essay written in terms of his/her background, achievements & goals
  5. Recommendation letters - Letters written by professors, references & voluntary services

All applications will be reviewed by CEO, Chris Moonkey Nam, the Vice President, and six different branch officers